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What and Why we do.

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48% of trans people under 26 have attempted suicide, with frequently cited contributing factors being among other things, familial rejection, social isolation and fear of verbal, sexual and physical violence. A founded fear, as 40% of trans people experienced a hate crime or incident in 2015-16, with the workplace and school being a common source […]


Gender Recognition Act and me.

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After 13 years of the Gender Recognition Act (2004), the UK government are proposing review and reform. Discussed in the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto, the issue is now being talked about by the ruling Conservatives, who have pledged a consultation on the legislation to be included in a Gender Recognition Bill. This consultation will look […]

Welcome Aboard

We’re launching our website!

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Yes. Yes we are, we’re here. There’s the answer to the question we’re sure you’ve been asking non-stop for about a year. Everyday, day and night, everyone you meet, asking the same question. “Are the Non Binary Group getting a website?” Well, your answer is very much a “YES!” – but don’t ask us how […]