Our Training

We at Non-Binary – North West offer a wide range of workshops and education sessions about Transgender identity, intersections and issues. These cover anything from the formation of gender

identity to coming out; from legislation to relationships – and can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. As an eclectic Trans training group, we bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experiences to our work in order to give you the service.

On the pages in this section you can find a summary of the topics that we cover in each of the sectors that we work with, but don’t worry if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’d like to focus more on coming out or really delve deep into issues around legislation? Maybe you’re a newspaper editor or a secret agent and need a completely different focus? Whatever your needs, we pride ourselves on working with you to ensure that our service meets them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!



To find out more* or book a workshop, please use the form below, or if you’d prefer, email us with your request at nonbinarynw@gmail.com.

Training Booking or Information Request.
Select the training theme that you require, more information regarding the content of each can be found on the pages of the same name. If you are enquiring about a theme that is not identified above, please select 'Other'.
Please outline the topics you would like us to cover if they differ from those on the summary page; and if you selected 'Other', please briefly tell us what you want us to cover. You can also use this space to ask us any questions regarding the training.
Please tell us the name of your organisation and what you do (e.g. Non Binary - North West, training and social inclusion for Trans community.)
Please tell us the location of your organisation or the premises in which you wish the session to take place. (e.g Manchester or North West England.)
Please give us an estimate of how many people are expected to attend the session.
Please tell us in hours or days (e.g 3 hours or 1 and a half days etc.) the length of workshop you require; this can be an estimate if you are unsure. Recommendations regarding the length of sessions can be found on the aforementioned summary pages.
Please let us know anything else that you feel is important at this stage. This could include accessibility needs, special requests or any questions you would like answering.
We shall contact you about your enquiry via email. Please give the address you wish to use for this communication.

*Price will be discussed upon enquiry as this depends on relative size of job and organisation; however, as a guide a 4 hour workshop with 2 facilitators is priced between £250 and £650.