Social Services, Care and Housing.

Social Services, Care and Housing Workshops.


Our Social Services, Care and Housing Workshops are perfect for anyone working in these professions; be this as a Support Worker, Carer, Social Worker, Foster Carer or at a Housing Association among other groups. These workshops are flexible to your needs but all are designed to help you understand Transgender Identity and issues faced by Trans people, enabling you to provide the best care you can to Trans Service Users.

Topics we may cover include:

  • Various Gender Identities and Pronouns.
  • Factors in the formation of Gender Identity.
  • How Gender Identity can change throughout a lifetime.
  • The Coming Out process and supporting someone through it.
  • Access to Trans specific healthcare and treatment.
  • Legislation regarding Trans Identity.
  • Socioeconomic problems that Trans individuals are vulnerable to.
  • Gender expression.
  • Emotional and Physical well-being.

Recommended: Minimum of 4-6 hours per session.*

If this workshop sounds right for your organisation, please get in touch via our booking form below.

All of our workshops are delivered and developed by us, as an experienced group of Trans individuals; and we work with you to ensure that each session gives you the most it can of our expertise.

Select the training theme that you require, more information regarding the content of each can be found on the pages of the same name. If you are enquiring about a theme that is not identified above, please select 'Other'.
Please outline the topics you would like us to cover if they differ from those on the summary page; and if you selected 'Other', please briefly tell us what you want us to cover. You can also use this space to ask us any questions regarding the training.
Please tell us the name of your organisation and what you do (e.g. Non Binary - North West, training and social inclusion for Trans community.)
Please tell us the location of your organisation or the premises in which you wish the session to take place. (e.g Manchester or North West England.)
Please give us an estimate of how many people are expected to attend the session.
Please tell us in hours or days (e.g 3 hours or 1 and a half days etc.) the length of workshop you require; this can be an estimate if you are unsure. Recommendations regarding the length of sessions can be found on the aforementioned summary pages.
Please let us know anything else that you feel is important at this stage. This could include accessibility needs, special requests or any questions you would like answering.
We shall contact you about your enquiry via email. Please give the address you wish to use for this communication.


*Our recommendation is the length of time we believe to be necessary in order to get the most out of the session.